Searching for wine, made easier


The popular app and wine website Vivino have updated their search engine to include the most popular phrases being used by their community.

Some are more obvious than others, seeing the Pinot noir grape top the list comes as no surprise. It’s been rated as the most popular grape, and is often included when doing vintage specific searches. Wine spectator has a comprehensive catalogue of wine as well, but not as many as Vivino and it’s limited by its membership restrictions. Vivino also have their updated popular wine list, which is based on their community feedback. It’s especially interesting, considering they aren’t based on sommelier opinions alone, or well known writers for magazines such as The Decanter.

It’s also interesting how Screaming Eagle’s winery makes the Top 10 cut, as you would think their prices would scare most consumers away. We also would like to note that Dom Pérignon excellent Champagne makes the cut, even if Vivino is a wine community.


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