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From Château to Napa Valley, These Are the Top Wines

Straight from Vivino’s front page, we’ve got the top 10 most popular wines, based on their search engine. It’s interesting to see such expensive wines being that popular. Pauillac is known for its pricey, yet acclaimed vintage. Note that seven out of the entries are Châteaus.

Included below are the vintages, including a select user review from Vivino’s community.

Château Mouton Rothschild Pauillac

“Great wine with a complex taste of berries. 1999 was a great year for winery’s and this brings out the best in grand cru’s. Great addition to dine with veal tenderloin and aged cheese from the Swiss and French appellations. Should be on any wine lovers bucket list!”


Château Pétrus Pomerol

“Ripe soft plummy, tarry with gobs of black forrest fruit, black cherries, kirsch Decent richness and density but a bit on the soft and flabby side.”

Champagne Dom Pérignon

“While there are many sparkling wine regions around the globe, only Champagne from the Champagne appellation in France can be labeled as such. Champagne has long been the wine of choice to celebrate special occasions, and its reputation as a luxury beverage has been intact since the Romans established vineyards in Reims in the 5th century (that’s a really long time ago).”

Château d’Yquem Sauternes

“Tried it with a foie gras starter and an almond tart dessert and it went better with the first. Although a great wine I found it a bit too much a one-note wine with honey dominating the palet. The 1997 was clearly more complex and complete.”


Opus One Napa Valley

Opus One Napa Valley


Opus One Napa Valley

This wine is phenominal. Deep deep dark red color with a beautiful nose of an earthiness truffle and slight barnyard sense with sawdust and pinch of smokey must. Then the fruit comes to the forfront with black cherries embelished with juniper berries. The only lacking quality denying five stars is the viscosity has been reduced with the maturity of this fine wine.”


Below are the rest of the Top 5 vintages!


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