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A Guide To Pomerol and Château La Conseillante

Château La Conseillante Lunch had been the usual hurried affair, a few tasty morsels gulped down while standing at the table, a glass of refreshing sparkling water in hand. This is so often the case during the primeur tastings, despite the ‘party’ image that this annual Bordeaux taste-fest of the latest vintage tends to conjure […]

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Top 10 Popular Vintages

From Château to Napa Valley, These Are the Top Wines Straight from Vivino’s front page, we’ve got the top 10 most popular wines, based on their search engine. It’s interesting to see such expensive wines being that popular. Pauillac is known for its pricey, yet acclaimed vintage. Note that seven out of the entries are Châteaus. Included below […]

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